• I have received an internal grant (Summer 2018) to develop instructional modules that integrate data-driven inquiry into the local economy (i.e., the Inland Empire and Southern California more broadly). As a sample of this work, see here.
  • Learn more about OpenStax College, an open educational resource for introductory economics that I have helped build: https://openstaxcollege.org/textbooks/principles-of-economics
  • I strongly believe in the empowering potential of student research and have been actively involved in promoting student research at CSUSB. I have advised five student research projects, one of which was through a summer program funded by the CSUSB Office of Student Research (on estimating fiscal multipliers during the Great Recession), and another one of which was completed for a student research competition (on the employment effects of California’s minimum wage) – the student qualified for the statewide competition among all Cal State schools.
    • I also regularly serve as a judge for student research events on campus.

At Cal State San Bernardino, I teach 4 upper-division courses per year (we’re on a quarter system): economic history of the U.S., labor economics, tools of economic analysis, and political economy of southern California. I also teach 2 lower-division courses per year, usually introductory macroeconomics. I have also taught many sections of introductory microeconomics in previous years. Starting in the Fall of 2016, I will teach two separate sections each year of tools of economic analysis, in the fall and spring quarters.

My approach to teaching is built on 1) emphasizing critical thinking, 2) debates in the literature, and 3) interdisciplinary topics.

Recent copies of my syllabi: micro (no longer active), macro, economic history, labor economics, tools of economic analysis, political economy of Southern California.


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