Welcome to my webpage. I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at California State University San Bernardino. My research interests are in labor economics and economic history.

December 4, 2017 update:

  • Changed submission status of internal migration paper and property rights and economic growth paper; added new link to working paper on the effects of the 2014 FHA loan limit reductions

September 23, 2017 update:

  • “Research” page updated: 1 new publication (MWPA and divorce rates), 1 revision requested (Internal migration and industrialization), 1 new work in progress (California migration trends), links to published book reviews, and one new forthcoming review

April 6, 2017 update:

  • Added the syllabus for Econ 390, “Political Economy of Southern California”

March 19, 2017 update:

  • Added a new page on “Homeownership Study”, with links to a recent report Yasemin Dildar and I wrote on the sociological benefits of homeownership in California

Email: dmacdonald at csusb dot edu